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Veritas acquires Globanet

Veritas' acquisition of Globanet is a strategic move that enables Veritas to extend its Digital Compliance portfolio. Globanet is a global leader for compliance solutions that enable customers to streamline compliance with global regulatory requirements and capture content from over 80+ data sources.

Globanet offers compliance solutions and associated services. The Globanet portfolio is comprised of five products:

  • Merge1™: Easily archive all your communications for compliance and delivery.

  • Balance: Patented intelligent load balancing for journaling infrastructures.

  • Classify: Selectively re-classify, report, or delete data based on very specific criteria.

  • Migrate: Data migration software that seamlessly moves data between on-premise and cloud-based archives.

  • EV Health Check: Automated archive analysis and reporting tool for Veritas Enterprise Vault.

Globanet’s technology will strengthen the capabilities of Veritas’ archiving and e-discovery offerings by adding the ability to natively capture, classify, monitor, and discover against more sources of content than ever before. It will:

  • Give customers visibility and enable them to act on over 80 new content sources, including Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, Symphony, Bloomberg, and more

  • Simplify discovery and lifecycle management with richer content capture that shows archived content in a closer to native view

  • Offer complete capture of Microsoft Office 365 content sources along with all other communication and file sources used by Veritas customers

  • Enrich metadata with Veritas’ industry-leading classification engine across over 80 content sources

For additional information, please see this FAQ. Veritas is not disclosing the financial terms of the acquisition.

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