Reduced cost.

Electronic information is growing exponentially. Every second the world is exchanging about 3 million emails, many of which contain sensitive information. In addition, there are compliance and regulatory requirements to preserve, search and monitor this continuously-growing data sets


✓ Managing and protecting the frontline systems such as Email, SharePoint and File servers is affected by the ever-growing electronic data

✓ Performance of these primary applications is also massively impacted by the data explosion

✓ Difficult to filter through this mass amount of data


✓ Compliance requirements around storing data for a certain amount of years


✓ eDiscovery requirements increasing year over year

Experience + Expertise 

✓ Select and design the right solution for their business situation


✓ Advise the client on the best practices for data retention and archiving policies


✓ Implement and support the deployed solution going forward

We use our experience and expertise to help our clients:
Improved performance.
Better Information Management



The following are the immediate benefits of working with Virtech:

✓ Improved backup and application performance: Archiving keeps your front-end systems lean and fast performing. With less data, backup windows can be greatly reduced.


✓ Reduce infrastructure cost by moving data from Tier 1 to lower tiers of storage. Moreover, when archiving, Enterprise Vault has the ability to compress content as well as providing single instance storage.


✓ Migration Projects? WeCan Help: By archiving older content with Enterprise Vault before an upgrade, consolidation, or migration project, there will be less data to move to the new platform.


✓ Avoid Fines: Ensure your organization is not subject to potential fines.


 ​Expertise: Work with an organization that specializes only in this space.

Do more with less. Plan for the future, while taking care of the now.

We are available 24/7/365 to support you on your journey. 

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