Minimize unwanted downtime for critical business applications


A high availability architecture is one of the key requirements for any Enterprise Deployment.


The global penetration of technology has created consumers that expect round-the-clock product and service availability. Whether it’s for internal employees requiring business services to always be on or for end customers that heavily influence how successful a business is, the IT organization is under constant pressure to deliver the highest levels of availability for its most critical IT services, wherever they reside.


✓ Application availability is required across physical and virtual environments

✓ Availability across any distance with automated non-disruptive testing

✓ Advanced failover logic with data integrity protection

✓ Leading vendor in hardware and platform support

✓ Out-of-box support for leading enterprise applications, databases, and data movers


Experience + Expertise 

We use our experience and expertise to help our clients:

✓ Choose the right technology for their situation

✓ Develop a custom agents to cover even the most complex workloads

✓ Design, implement and managethe system going forward

Improved Availability.
Mitigated Risk.
Better Disaster Recovery.



Analyze the environment in order to ensure Vendor’s recommendations and best practices are being implemented and followed in an effort to achieve higher stability and performance in the InfoScale environment. The end result consists of a comprehensive and actionable Assessment Report describing the state of the high-availability solution and documenting the gaps, alignment with the best practices and recommendations.

Solution Provider

We hold the highest level of certification of the Veritas InfoScale storage management and high-availability product line, formerly known as Storage Foundation HA/DR family. Virtech will help you choose the right solution for your specific workloads and business needs.


With a decade of experience in the Middle East, at Virtech, we have extensive expertise on all the technologies that we cover in our solutions. This allows us to provide our clients with the optimum solutions tailored on the business needs and, most importantly, implement them in alignment with the industry best practices.

Value-added Support

Following the implementation, we provide our clients value-added 24/7 local support services. This way we take over all ongoing support needs associated with your solution.


The following are the immediate benefits of working with Virtech:

✓ Simplified orchestration for complex, multitier IT services

✓ Maximum uptime for on-site IT Services

✓ Predictable IT Service Continuity across any distance

✓ Automated disaster recovery testing

✓ Comprehensive hardware and platform support

Do more with less. Plan for the future, while taking care of the now.

We are available 24/7/365 to support you on your journey.