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Data Migration Service Overview


For most today's companies, data migration simply is a must. Systems change, databases change, and so do business processes, operations, and whole strategies. It means that people have to refresh their data and transfer it from old storage places to new ones. The ones that better address the requirements of today's business. Data migration itself isn't really a complicated process. It's very deeply described in different sources, different approaches are introduced and there always is a methodology to analyze.


✓ Poor Knowledge of Source Data

✓ Underestimating Data Analysis

✓ Different source systems, different coding and a unique data

✓ Validation and Test Migration


Experience + Expertise

We use our experience and expertise to help our clients:

✓ Choose the right technology for their situation, whether it’s on-premise or in the cloud

✓ Develop custom migration plans mapped to the customer workloads

✓ Both pilot and full migrations options

Seamless Migrations.
Mitigated Risk.
Reduced Downtime.



The following are the immediate benefits of working with Virtech:

✓ Move Quickly – our solution uses the latest techniques and cutting-edge algorithms to move data directly from source to destination in unbeatable times

✓ Move Seamlessly – ensure end-users maintain uninterrupted, transparent access to their emails as you make your move

✓ Move Your Way – available as a Do It Yourself or fully-serviced solution, on-premise or in the cloud, Virtech gives you the most flexibility for making your move


✓ Move With Confidence – proven in over 1,500 migrations, our solution tackles the most complex technical challenges and satisfies the most demanding compliance needs

Do more with less. Plan for the future, while taking care of the now.

We are available 24/7/365 to support you on your journey. 

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