Bridging the Gap between Legal & IT

Bridging the Gap between IT& Legal / Compliance


The Gap between IT& Legal

The major problem of the eDiscovery operations is a gap between IT and Legal. On one side, Legal teams are not enabled well enough to perform the necessary operations within the eDiscovery interfaces. Secondly, more often than not, there is too little or too much electronic information for review to the Legal and outsourced firms, which can cost the organization significantly and may have serious legal risks too.


✓ Electronically stored information is doubling year by year


✓ eDiscovery events increasing each year


✓ Laws and regulations are changing constantly


✓ Data resides on multiple locations increasing eDiscovery complexity




Our team has comprehensive expertise across Archiving and eDiscovery, which allows us to help our clients bridge the gap between IT and Compliance teams to create an eDiscovery process that is more efficient and effective for the business.

Bridge the Gap At DBS

At Virtech, we enable IT with the expertise and technology to better identify, collect and preserve the relevant electronic information. Then, we empower Compliance and Legal teams with the tools to find the electronic information that matters.

More Effective eDiscovery
More Efficient for IT
Better Information Governance.



Analyze the environment in order to ensure Vendor’s recommendations and best practices are being implemented and followed in an effort to achieve higher stability and performance in the environment. The end result consists of a comprehensive and actionable Assessment Report describing the state of the archiving and eDiscovery solution and documenting the gaps, alignment with the best practices and recommendations.

Solution Provider

We hold the highest level of certification of the Industry’s leading archivingand eDiscovery solutions, including technologies such as Veritas Enterprise Vault, Discovery Accelerator, Clearwell eDiscovery and others. Virtech can help you choose the right solution for your specific business needs.


With a decade of experience in the Middle East, at Virtech, we have extensive expertise on all the technologies that we cover in our solutions. This allows us to provide our clients with the optimum solutions tailored on the business needs and, most importantly, implement them in alignment with the industry best practices.

Value-added Support

Following the implementation, we provide our clients value-added 24/7 local support services. This way we take over all ongoing support needs associated with your eDiscovery solution.



Better Information Governance and eDiscovery

Studies by third-party consulting organizations have shown that companies that implement an eDiscovery solution will save up to 80% versus organizations that don’t deploy one — and have much better legal positioning.

✓ Streamline the entire eDiscovery lifecycle by using a single application that spans legal hold and collections through analysis, review, and production

✓ Respond to regulatory requests such GDPR with integrated classification engine and advanced redaction features

✓ Execute complex, iterative eDiscovery processes that reflect real world scenarios with the highest level of defensibility

✓ Empower users to be productive immediately through an intuitive interface that is easy to use and administer

✓ Reduce cost by saving up to10x on current eDiscovery processes

✓ Avoid fines and assure your organization is not subject to potential penalties

Do more with less. Plan for the future, while taking care of the now.

We are available 24/7/365 to support you on your journey.