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Implementation Service Overview

Implementation Services

The Status Quo

In today’s very competitive market, it is imperative that advancements to the business are implemented with the shortest time to market to allow for the competitive advantage to be realized.

Information Technology projects are no exception to this. So many times we see that a great product or service improperly implemented or implemented too late that causes the market advantages to not be realized.

The Challenge

When it comes to the implementation phase, the IT staff is left with the responsibility to implement without delay, absorbing any delays in schedule that have been created in prior steps. Time to market is translated into time to production of a new IT solution. Once budgets are allocated to a project, executives want to see the solution go live immediately. Since internal IT departments do not see a regular flow of projects, they are often not as experienced as the vendors' staffs. Threfore, it is important to work together to have a successful implementation in order for all of the benefits to be achieved.

Our Approach

Virtech will prepare the implementation plan and prerequisites document, then assist with the implementation or completely do the implementation for the customer. 


Our consultants will review and discuss the design and policies before beginning to implement the solution. The implementation plan details out all tasks and assigns personnel to the tasks.


The goals and objectives of the implementation are to properly install all product's functionality, integrate the solution into the existing business, perform the implementation without disruption to the ongoing business, and ultimately perform a knowledge transfer and train the customer IT personnel in the operational and administrative processes.


Virtech will test all equipment and software to make sure the implementation goes smoothly and will be completed on time.

Do more with less. Plan for the future, while taking care of the now.

We are available 24/7/365 to support you on your journey. 

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