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Design Service Overview

The Business Situation

Majority of successful businesses start with one common element – a strong business plan. Still, when it comes to implementing IT solutions, the focus is too often placed on immediate short-term needs and not overall long-term infrastructure strategy. This leads to vital networks being assembled with ad-hoc hardware, applications, and platforms. This reactive (rather than proactive) approach can be very costly in both time and money, and is likely to result in problematic and underperforming systems down the road as the business grows.

The Virtech Approach

Virtech consultants work with you to come up with a comprehensive and proactive strategy. Our experts have years of experience in building and maintaining solid, efficient solutions and can offer guidance on several potential risks which may never have occurred to you. Following the implementation, our support team will monitor your system for problems so that they may be corrected as quickly as possible. This process allows our experts to learn and grow with the changing IT world, empowering them to deliver simplicity and availability to our clients.



Our consultants will assess your current infrastructure investments and try to incorporate new technologies over the existing ones if such a deployment is deemed to be reliable. By doing so, we enable your company to minimize costs and increase the return on investment.


Finally, our experts will present a service and management plan in addition to an itemized audit of new project-specific components, as well as a detailed staffing requirements assessment incorporating customer personnel and Virtech personnel.


When and where necessary, to alleviate any doubts, Virtech may conduct “proof of concept” pilots to demonstrate the validity of the proposed solutions.

Do more with less. Plan for the future, while taking care of the now.

We are available 24/7/365 to support you on your journey. 

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