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Assessment Service Overview

Assessment Services

Virtech Assessments

The Assessment service includes a complete review of the outstanding issues, best practices and overall health check of the configuration, maintenance, operations, and usage of solutions being deployed. However, this can be tailored as per your unique needs

The IT Challenge

The IT staff must consider many issues, when planning to implement IT infrastructure. Always looming is the classic challenge of aligning people, process, and technology while balancing issues such as:

✓ Required functionality

✓ Availability and survivability

✓ Security and protection

✓ Capacity and scalability

✓ Best practices


Some of the immediate benefits of working with Virtech, include:


✓ Gain visibility into your existing environment

✓ Maximize your investment

Identify key areas for improvement

✓ Align your IT strategy with your organizational goals

✓ Learn about the features and functionality of the latest product versions that are appropriate for your environment

Appropriate planning and adequate implementation time, become key to doing the job right. How often have we heard stories of an organization rushing to implement a poorly developed plan, resulting in additional cost, missed targets, failure to address critical needs, and lost opportunity?

Our Approach

Discovery Wokshop –

The environment’s current health is assessed, information management and data protection strategies are reviewed along with the analysis of the business needs

Data Collection –

Data is gathered from your environment, including:

 Application servers physical information

 Backup/recovery success ratio

 Storage capacity and future projections


 Storage configuration

 Core configuration settings

 Retention policies

 Reporting and monitoring

Analysis Phase –

Data gathered during the Data Collection phase is analyzed and used to develop the Health Check Report

Review Workshop 

Next, we review the Health Check Report with you and plan next steps

After this Assessment activity is complete, a detailed design process can begin, incorporating these findings and recommendations. At this stage, the probability of achieving both the technical and business objectives is more certain.

Do more with less. Plan for the future, while taking care of the now.

We are available 24/7/365 to support you on your journey. 

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