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Veritas NetBackup - the first Docker certified data protection solution on the market

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Companies are adopting Docker at a remarkable rate. We see more and more companies, small and large, including giants such as Oracle and Microsoft, embracing Docker to move their applications from virtual machines to containers.

Docker enables companies to rapidly deploy environments in “containers”. While virtual machines abstract the hardware, containers abstract the operating system. Each container technology features an explicit purpose, limiting the scope of the technology.

Protecting the data and applications in these containers is becoming increasingly critical and Veritas is the first vendor to provide certified Docker data protection solutions to the market. Veritas provides a NetBackup Client that can be deployed as a container and, depending on the level of protection required, it can be used to protect containerized applications in the following ways:

  • Protect application data stored on persistent volumes as a sidecar in the application pod

  • Protect application data using a staging area using a dump and sweep approach

  • Perform application-consistent backups by being co-located on the application container

The NetBackup Client Container solution is available through a docker image.

You can find the solution on the Docker Store here:

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