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New year - the same dark data challenges

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Data keeps growing at an impressive rate. There is a lot of stored data that hasn’t been touched in a long time and organizations don’t know the real value of a large majority of their data. We see customers managing massive amounts of dark data that is just waiting to be transformed into digital assets the organization can use. And the main reason the dark data remains unused is because it is very often unstructured.

Giving this situation and seeing technology rapidly evolving and defining the future of business, it is important for IT leaders and decision-makers to understand these challenges and look at data trends driving organizational success, innovation, and competitive advantage.

Most organizations spend large amounts of money to store data which, most probably, is not necessary anymore. Or, if it is necessary, it is accessed very rarely and could be moved on a lower tier, less expensive storage.

When it comes to data management, we see these 3 major problems:

  1. Problem 1: Many organizations have no clear idea of what information they have, what it is worth, or why they keep it. But they will keep it.

  2. Problem 2: Customers have no clear picture of where their sensitive, regulated, or most valuable information is, nor who has access to it.

  3. Problem 3: When organizations need to actually find the information it takes too long, costs too much, and usually is missing results or has too many results. Or both.

Customers need centralized data management technologies to manage distributed data environments and deliver business users transparency into their data supply chain. Consumers now demand a new data experience, just as they would shop online for retail products. They want to be able to easily and quickly search, locate, understand and leverage the data that they can trust.

After the implementation of GDPR last year, many organizations improved their data governance programs. Unfortunately, this didn’t necessarily translate to a better understanding of data and new insights.

Managing data is now a team effort. We see first-hand how our customers gain a competitive edge by turning their data into actionable insights that can improve business outcomes and transform organizational processes.

At #VirtechUAE, we help our customers manage, protect and control all their critical data, so information can power the business like never before. IT is no longer the only function responsible for managing and leveraging data; business users now require a better understanding of their data environments and assets in order to leverage them effectively for both day-to-day operations and for a long-term strategy.

Our experienced team is here to help you implement effective data strategies to maximize data value for innovation and growth, so please reach out to us.

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