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Actionable Insights for On-Prem and in the Cloud

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Through its newly acquired technology APTARE, VERITAS is the only company delivering unified backup and storage insights for heterogeneous IT environments across on-prem and cloud services. With APTARE IT Analytics, customers gain actionable insights, through a single-pane-of-glass, for enterprise data wherever it resides.

With today’s global, complex and virtualized storage environments, it’s easy to lose track of what’s consuming your storage and ultimately, if it’s even being used. APTARE’s deep analytics examine the full end-to-end connectivity of utilized storage and discover hard-to-find categories of “dark” storage. From orphaned cloud snapshots and volumes to decommissioned VMs and undiscovered LUNS, APTARE IT Analytics quickly identifies reclaimable storage, so you can get more out of what you already have and defer future storage purchases.

Preventing unplanned outages requires tracking and trending all data related to storage arrays and file systems in heterogeneous environments, with the ability to see consumption trends over time. By correlating data across entire infrastructures, from applications through switches, storage arrays, virtualized hosts and backups, APTARE IT Analytics analyzes historical information for future trending, so administrators can see when systems will run out of capacity. Dynamic, multi-vendor environments require actionable insights!

Meeting backup compliance and corporate SLAs requires accurate and actionable insights to streamline the auditing process and ensure system recoverability. APTARE IT Analytics provide insights that reduce data protection complexity and mitigate policy conflicts and human error. APTARE automatically collects backup and data protection events, allowing access by internal and external auditors whenever it’s needed, on-demand. APTARE dramatically reduces the complexity and cost of compliance reporting and gives you the confidence your corporate data is protected.

Virtech UAE is your go-to partner to assist you deploy and manage the APTARE solution and make the most out of your IT investments.

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