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Better resiliency in a hybrid world

Without any doubt, cloud is a great enabler and it underpins an organization's digital transformation. It allows companies to innovate faster, gain greater efficiencies, and deliver business agility.

But for IT and Architects, building next-gen architectures that incorporate cloud can be challenging and many times viewed as a disrupter. Especially since old architectures don't vanish overnight. They still need to be maintained.

Most organizations today rely on manual run books to tests resiliency strategy. This is very costly and time-consuming. As a result, they have no confidence that the data protection strategy will work when they need it.

To add, application workloads are growing at double-digit rates as well as increasing in complexity. Therefore, traditional data protection methods tend to negatively impact competitiveness and organizational agility.

Organizations are looking for solutions that provide automated orchestration and visibility of the entire disaster recovery process in order to reduce the business impact of people and processes.

Our solution based on Veritas Resiliency Platform provides the following main benefits:

Integrated Visibility

  • Single view across entire estate reduces fragmentation while increasing organizational agility

  • Business service perspective exposes upstream/downstream workload dependencies eliminating spots

  • Exposes complexity that slows down business and reduces agility

Automation and Orchestration

  • Replaces manual processes with automation & orchestration to reduce business impact of people and processes

  • Non-disruptive rehearsals conducted across entire data centers, individual applications or virtual machines

  • Assignments of different service level objectives across multiple workload tiers support recovery of complex workloads

Fast Time to Value

  • Configuration simplified with the step by step guidance to configure initial product & resiliency components

  • Placement in AWS and Azure marketplace quickly integrates public cloud into multi-cloud DR strategy

  • Integration with NetBackup bridges customers from backup to resiliency. Expands automated recovery across all applications recovery tiers

Next steps:

  1. Schedule a demo - reach out to us at

  2. Download a 60-day Trial of the Resiliency Platform:

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