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Cloud data protection

More and more workloads are turning to the cloud. And now with remote work becoming increasingly prevalent, this trend is only accelerating. That's why it's more important than ever to back up and protect your cloud data.

But did you know that your Cloud Service Provider is not responsible for protecting your cloud data nor meeting your most stringent SLAs? That's your job.

We have a solution to keep safe in the cloud and beyond with NetBackup Cloud Data Protection. With Cloud Point and Resiliency integrations, NetBackup keeps your cloud data safe, while empowering you to take advantage of all the benefits of cloud storage:

  • Reduce capital expenses

  • Unlimited scalability

  • Heightened operational resilience

  • Greater agility

  • Increased collaboration and

  • Optimized productivity

However, we all know that today's hybrid and multi-cloud environments can present complex challenges, challenges that NetBackup addresses head-on.

Dynamic workload portability solves the challenge of migrating data to, from, and between clouds, with near-zero downtime, all while optimizing storage to reduce costs.

NetBackup secures and protects all infrastructures, physical, virtual machines, containers, and cloud, so you will never fail to protect new workloads or technology.

To prevent ransomware attacks and data loss, NetBackup resiliency offers disaster recovery orchestration and backups in the cloud with near-zero downtime, minimizing RPO and RTO.

And if multiple point products are making it hard to manage and control your heterogeneous data ecosystems, we have a solution for that too. Data visibility and control are also critical which is why NetBackup, with Smart reporting, enables you to manage your entire data ecosystem from a single console allowing you to gain insights and optimize resources, all while meeting your compliance requirements.

Veritas NetBackup Cloud Data Protection truly provides unified data protection for a multi-cloud world. For more information, download the solution brief.

At Virtech, we are on a mission to help our clients address their data protection challenges. Call us today at +971 4 580 7555 or email us at

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