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Cloud with Confidence

Organizations today are realizing tremendous success with solutions powered by Cloud, which is reshaping the way they do business.

Today, over 90% of Fortune 500 companies globally are using Cloud to drive their business.

Running the entire IT infrastructure in the cloud doesn’t eliminate the risk of downtime or data loss. While public clouds can help to minimize risk and provide a robust facility for automation, data loss cannot be completely eliminated. Similarly, the public cloud doesn’t necessarily reduce the risk of downtime due to user error.

Veritas InfoScale helps minimize these risks and mitigate single points of failure created by a cloud environment, to keep your application up and running. Veritas InfoScale is used by thousands of IT organizations for availability and application deployment across any OS, Hypervisor, HCI platform, or cloud provider.

Veritas supports InfoScale configurations in the Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) cloud environments. Veritas InfoScale Storage components let you manage various kinds of storage, which includes SAN, local flash, SSD, DAS, and cloud S3 targets.

Veritas InfoScale Availability agents provide monitoring and failover capabilities for the networking, storage, and replication resources that are associated with an application in the cloud.

Using these components you can configure an application for:

  • Migration from on-premises to cloud or from cloud to cloud

  • High availability or disaster recovery within a cloud

  • Disaster recovery from on-premises to cloud or across clouds


Veritas InfoScale and Cloud integration help customers build resilient, performant, and highly available infrastructures that minimize interruption to business-critical services and applications. Your business can benefit from Veritas InfoScale Enterprise by ensuring that your applications run uninterrupted.  

To learn more about InfoScale solutions, check the Veritas product page.

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