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Data Protection with integrated cyber resiliency

Veritas just released NetBackup 10.3. Built on the proven foundation of Veritas’ secure by default architecture, NetBackup 10.3 provides integrated cyber resiliency features, enhanced intelligent threat detection support, advanced automation, and expanded workload support.

Here are the top reasons to upgrade to NetBackup 10.3:

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Everywhere

Across all product interfaces—GUI, CLI, SSH—further reducing attack surfaces.

Multi-Person Authorization for Critical Operations

Prevents malicious operations (data deletions, etc.) from being performed if a user’s workstation is compromised—a designated approver must confirm before the operation can proceed.

Inline Malware Scanning During Recovery

Lower the risk from zero-day threats with integrated malware scanning during a restore, along with new support for cloud VMs and Universal Shares.

Anomaly Detection Enhancements

New ability to identify system-level or user behavior anomalies using ML and audit trails.

Expanded S3 Immutability Support

Immutable object lock support available for IBM Cloud Object Storage, Data Core Cloud Cluster Storage, and NetApp Storage Grid.

Extend CSI-Based Snapshot Support

Support backup from snapshot for block-based and file-based storage in the same namespace allowing for parallel stream recovery and up to a 218% performance gain restore.

Enhanced Media Server Elasticity and Intelligence

Optimize spin-up to incrementally improve efficiency with the smallest deployment of a media server image.

Talk to one of our experts today to discover what Virtech can do for your organization. Call 04 580 7555 or email today.


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