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Optimize your K8s environment with unified resiliency and flexibility

Digital transformation has accelerated the need for enterprises to offer their services to customers easily over the web. This transformation is a culture change and a survival need that mandates more agility to improve the customer experience, reduce friction, increase productivity, and elevate profitability. Kubernetes (K8s) is an open-source container orchestration platform that automates deploying, managing, and scaling containerized applications’ processes. Kubernetes clusters can span hosts across on-premises, hybrid, and multi-clouds and is an ideal platform for hosting cloud-native applications to provide the consistency teams need to work with multiple clouds by creating abstractions that bring all deployments into one environment.

As more Kubernetes workloads go into production, enterprises need to maintain compliance. The flexibility and scalability Kubernetes offers also introduces levels of data protection challenges. Solutions not designed to be Kubernetes-native cannot tie into the CI/CD pipeline and can negatively impact the cluster. In Kubernetes, applications are made up of many components, so application protection and recovery need to be well orchestrated, or the applications may not be able to recover. With various distributions of Kubernetes running on-premises and in the cloud, organizations need Kubernetes native APIs to support any on-premises or in-cloud distribution and be able to back up anywhere and recover anywhere.

An Enterprise Data Protection solution for Kubernetes must be application-centric. One application workload could comprise hundreds of components and cross many containers. Unlike Virtual machines where you back up the VM, containers are ephemeral and merely serve as a holding place. That’s why Kubernetes data protection should focus on the application, not the container.

Veritas NetBackup offers scalability, simplicity, flexibility, and platform- and storage-agnostic and application-centric protection.

  • Use native tools to deploy, communicate, and interact with the Kubernetes cluster.

  • Tie into enterprise data protection frameworks for SLA and Security management.

  • Automatically detect the creation of containerized applications and apply the right backup policy to each container, if necessary.

  • Support any distribution of Kubernetes in a unified way for the greatest choice of infrastructure for the customer.

  • Automatically scale up or down to protect the largest and most demanding environments.

  • Recover the application from any type of failure or ransomware scenario.

Why NetBackup for Kubernetes?

Data is an integral part of an organization, and it must be protected and recoverable from the edge to the core to the cloud. Veritas designed NetBackupTM for Kubernetes to offer operational simplicity, enterprise-grade resiliency, and choice and flexibility for Kubernetes workload protection.

  • Operational Simplicity - Optimize Designed to be cloud-native using Kubernetes custom operators and API’s. Designed to allow the container architect or NetBackup admin the control to quickly and simply build protection for their K8’s environment using native tools.

  • Enterprise-Grade Resilience - Fortify Automatic discovery and protection of all components that make up an application in a namespace gives you the confidence to know that all objects required to run your business logical applications can be recovered quickly, easily, and correctly.

  • Choice and Flexibility - Unlock Key pillar of our design is a unified solution that can backup and recover across any Kubernetes distribution, on-premises or in the cloud.

In summary, NetBackup for Kubernetes is designed to optimize the Kubernetes environment for the backup admin. Its application-centric design provides unified, enterprise-grade resiliency for all Kubernetes platforms and delivers the choice, and flexibility organizations have come to expect from Veritas.

Want to read more? Check the Veritas NetBackup for Kubernetes Data Protection whitepaper.

Need help with planning, designing, or implementing data protection solution for your K8s environment? Call +971 557008578 or email

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