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Multi-cloud data automation with NetBackup 10

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Veritas NetBackup 10 comes with several enhancements and new features in order to align with modern IT needs, including multi-cloud Kubernetes container protection and recovery, SaaS protections, and automatic provisioning for AWS and Azure services

NetBackup 10 includes elastic backup and recovery services for AWS and Microsoft Azure, enabling deduplication and storage-tier replication of data as set by IT policy. Autoscaling and data orchestration features for the two hyperscalers can reduce costs as workload demands vary.

NetBackup 10 also expands immutable data protection capabilities for AWS, Microsoft Azure and Seagate Lyve Cloud. On-premises protection is available with NetBackup Flex and Flex Scale appliances, Cloudian HyperStore and Hitachi Content Platform. Now NetBackup supports more than sixty (60) S3-compatible clouds.

Veritas Cloud Scale Technology enables multi-cloud recovery of Kubernetes containers, enabling cloud developers to work in their preferred environments without needing to submit requests to IT teams for storage or backup services.

NetBackup 10 also continues building on the software suite's 30-year legacy by combining two capabilities previously sold separately. NetBackup SaaS Protection is now included with the core NetBackup 10 offering and adds support for Google Workspace alongside other already protected SaaS products.

NetBackup IT Analytics Foundation, previously sold as Aptare, has also been integrated into NetBackup 10, adding basic data management tools to point out security gaps or potential performance chokepoints to the NetBackup control console.

The release of NetBackup 10 also includes the availability of new appliances, Dell servers certified for NetBackup Flex Scale deployments.

NetBackup used to be updated annually, but the new microservice architecture of NetBackup 10 will enable Veritas to update its product and introduce new features more frequently.

Data management and protection tools, however, tend to lock in enterprises, as any change can become a costly series of ingress and egress fees alongside whatever new hardware is required.

Veritas' new approach also enables its customers to avoid additional service purchases and potentially reduce their enterprise data footprint.

For more information, refer to the NetBackup DataSheet.

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