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Veritas Access - achieve superior service levels without breaking the budget

Unstructured data has been rapidly outgrowing structured data due to the proliferation of hardware and operating systems, IoT, and big data applications.

This massive growth challenges IT to provision storage for transactional and analytical workloads with different performance and capacity needs. These challenges include the complexity of managing multiple storage infrastructures, the performance needs of unstructured data, the cost of storage investments, and the agility in transitioning to new age architectures, including cloud and open-source platforms.

As a result, organizations are evaluating solutions for their present and future data access and data copy needs.

Veritas Access is a software-defined scale-out storage solution that allows enterprise applications to access data whenever, wherever, and however they need.

Veritas Access is policy-driven, can be installed on any x86 commodity server, and enable storage access by multiple network protocols for both on-premise and cloud ecosystems.

Access provides a single storage solution for multiple applications with enhanced support for private and public cloud platforms, fully integrates with Veritas NetBackup and Enterprise Vault to provide a smart alternative to tapes and expensive storage arrays, cloud migration, and more.

Veritas Access automates storage operations such as data tiering, provisioning and retention through policy-based management, it matches performance to workload needs, leveraging existing and future storage investments and commodity hardware for truly cost-effective software-defined storage and enables organizations to seamlessly migrate to and from new architectures, including private and public cloud platforms

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