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Backup and Recovery Challenges

With today's growing variety of new workloads, how do you protect your data?

Moving data to the cloud only adds to the complexity, but what if you could store the data in the cloud while maintaining all the intelligent automation, security, and scalability you need?

The solution is Veritas Alta Recovery Vault - a Veritas-managed cloud-based data retention service. Recovery Vault is fully integrated with NetBackup, so if you are already running NetBackup, there is nothing new to install, learn or manage. You'll get a unified support experience, all from one vendor. Recovery Vault helps you reduce the cost of cloud storage, and you'll only pay for the storage you use with no hidden fees. Plus, with NetBackup deduplication service, you can reduce cloud storage costs by up to 95%.

Recovery Vault enhances security by providing a cloud-based storage barrier against the threat of ransomware infection, while AI-powered anomaly detection prevents threats before they can occur. In addition, data encryption in flight and at rest ensures security and full compliance.

In a nutshell, Veritas Alta Recovery Vault provides seamless integration with the cloud, the simplicity of single vendor protection, and enhanced security, all in one.

To learn more about Recovery Vault, visit

Would you like to discuss more in a face-to-face meeting, please email or call +971 4 580 7555.

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