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Is your data a gold mine?

Is your archived data a gold mine of insight and information or is it a dumping ground of lost opportunity or worse, a target for hackers looking to steal sensitive information?

A recent survey of 1,500 data managers across 15 countries found that, on average, a third of their data is redundant, outdated, or trivial, and over half of all their data remains unclassified. This dark data can be a prime target for hackers and represent a major compliance risk.

The answer, Veritas Information Classifier, supported across the Veritas digital compliance portfolio, including:

  • Data Insight

  • Enterprise Vault

  • Enterprise

  • eDiscovery Platform

Information Classifier utilizes hundreds of preconfigured policies and patterns to identify the content of your data and then act accordingly. It helps organizations identify personal and sensitive data for over 50 countries across a wide variety of unstructured data sources. It can identify data separately based on language to facilitate activities like regulatory supervision or legal discovery.

Policies are continually updated by Veritas, for example, Information Classifier can now identify potential risks such as ransomware, including Covid19 related information. In addition, you can customize existing policies or configure your new ones that support your own business and compliance needs.

Integrated throughout the Veritas digital compliance portfolio, Information Classifier will shine a light on your dark data and help you ensure long-term retention, fast e-discovery, and compliance.

At Virtech, we have extensive expertise on these technologies and we are on a mission to help our clients address their information governance challenges. Call us today at +971 4 580 7555 or email us at

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